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Oculus Game Download Error

TheCasePlaceTheCasePlace Posts: 2
I am wondering if anyone can help with suggestions. I am running Windows 10 and don't have any special anti-virus, I do have Windows Defender running. 
The issue, with every game I try and download I get an error that says "Sorry it looks like your antivirus software blocked the installation of [enter game here]. Visit Oculus support to get help."
Here's the thing though, nothing has changed since yesterday and I downloaded lots of games. I have rebooted, disabled Windows defender yet same error.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • TheCasePlaceTheCasePlace Posts: 2
    No answers and I am impatient so I just decided to uninstall Oculus and try re-downloading everything. Seems to be working which sort of proves to me this had nothing to do with anything antivirus or firewall related. Nothing had changed at all. Reinstall may have worked.

    Lame though.
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