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Is there any difference on using the oculus rift on your laptop than on a desktop?

gonzalezmunozgonzalezmunoz Posts: 13
edited December 2017 in Support


  • SyrellarisSyrellaris Posts: 1,035
    Not really, it generally works the same. However your laptop would need to be VR ready. Laptops that are, are generally marked as VR ready. (in example : MSI GE72VR Apache Pro).

    If they aren't VR ready, you risk that they don't work. This is mainly due to the HDMI out on laptops are connected to the intergrated graphics (like intel HD) and not the dedicated videocard.
  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,876 Valuable Player
    Sure there is, there's a performance difference but they still work fine.  My brother has a laptop that came with a GTX 1060 and an Intel I7-6600k.  My 7 year old I7 2600k would load into games like Az Sunshine and Onward faster.  I suspect it has to do with the components in the desktop, maybe the Hard drives are faster, neither of us were using SSD to install games on.  I upgraded my desktop to an I7 7700k and there's not much of a difference at all, you can't even see it, you just feel it.  Once everything is loaded they practically perform the same.
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