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Training offline instead of online with other players?

I Just played my first onlien game and everyone was very helpfull and nice but I do would like to train in an arena alone or with bots to not "ruin" these players games. I got the disc a single time in my game and just missed grabbing it like 5 times. It would be nice to get a feeling for the game without playing in online lobbys


  • DevilsNipsDevilsNips Posts: 34
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    This would be an issue with echo arena itself and not the oculus rift.

    however, from what i know there isnt yet a training mode for the game but i do remember hearing about it maybe being worked on. 
    Dont be afraid to ruin a game because your learning the ropes, everyone learned somehow and some are better than others. just play and enjoy yourself.
  • FlAsH-FlOoDFlAsH-FlOoD Posts: 35
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    The only way to do it is to start a private match with someone and then for them to leave to match. You are then left alone in the arena. It's a fudge for something that's really lacking!
  • Nekto2Nekto2 Posts: 159
    Or you could start a tutorial and try to throw disk outside of gate. This will allow you to get another disk and try as much as you like. :)
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    You can add one Oculus friend to join a party with you and then create a Private Match in the lobby and the 2 of you will have an arena all to yourselves...OR the other friend in your party can exit and leave you all alone in your own private arena... Its a great way to practice!

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