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South Korea Missing in Payment Method??

MorningOwlMorningOwl Posts: 1
Before anything, I must say I have been an avid fan of the company and the rift since the kickstarter days,
and I finally decided recently to purchase the rift. It is just perfect, everything I expected and more.
Thank you for bringing VR into this world, because you did.

And uh, I was just setting up my account, and I can't seem to find my country.
It's not under Korea, South Korea, nor Republic of ~.
WHAT?? I mean, I know your guys aren't officially selling oculus to Korea, but this is... disappointing, to be honest.
Are there problems with Korean authorities, or did you guys think not enough Koreans would have the interest for,
or have the pc's to run VR? I don't understand. 

What's going on?
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