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3 Sensor Setup Issues.

CasepbCasepb Posts: 22
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I just received my 3rd sensor today and I'm trying to do the sensor setup with no success.  When trying to calibrate for 3 it's like my 2 front original sensors go blind and cannot see my touch controllers, only the new 3rd sensor that is my rear one can see my touch controllers.  I unplugged the 3rd sensor and the front 2 worked perfectly fine like always.  Plugging in the 3rd and trying to setup 3 just will not work for me.  What is going on?  Anyone else have this issue?  I'm more than positive I have enough power, that should not be an issue.  When I do manage to get the setup to see a controller it always gives a warning that I move to adjust one of the sensors and it's never ending.


  • CasepbCasepb Posts: 22
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    Okay so I just said screw it, and cheated.  I did the setup with only 2 sensors and once it was completed I just plugged in the 3rd. It detects it and works great.  Very odd it refuses to let me do a setup with a 3rd sensor still.  But at least I can continue playing now. 
  • Arock387Arock387 Posts: 722
    edited December 2017
    the new oculus dash update has done the same for me.  When resetting sensor setup it always acts like the sensors cant see the touch controller unless I hold it up like I'm the highlander holding his swords to the sky
  • CasepbCasepb Posts: 22
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    Yeah that's what it was.  All 3 sensors have to see the controllers at the sametime.  So holding them high up worked for me.  I did notice a bug in the HMD setup though, I had 4 total virtual hands overlapping each other.  Guess this was a new bug introduced with the new home update.  I don't ever remember seeing overlapping hands before in the setup.
  • GregTampaGregTampa Posts: 20
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    edited January 2018
    I see this issue also, didnt have 3 sesnors prior to the home update.. so can't tell you if it ever worked. Wish they would look into this, seems it a verified issue.

    update to this issue: I do see a red dialog box that sais critical error, tap to continue. Ill try to post a screenshot of it, if needed.
  • cedralcedral Posts: 1
    It has to be visible to all sensors and the 3rd sensor can only see the controller within about 5 feet of it. This setup thing really needs to show which sensors can see it at any given time. It would make this so much less frustrating. 
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