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Broken vision with the rift?

SplugieSplugie Posts: 1
Alright so, I put on my oculus to play about a half hour ago and everything was broken. The whole screen was a mess of pixels and broken words. I put it away last night as gently as I always have, and I'm never rough with it. I'm really careful with my rift so I don't understand why this is happening. Can anyone help?

Picture through the lens:


  • AlanOTooleAlanOToole Posts: 135 Oculus Start Member
    Did you happen to reboot your computer yet? That looks more like a rendering glitch than something physical right now. Also check all your connections (mainly HDMI and the port on the Rift itself).
  • RavenBlueFeatherRavenBlueFeather Posts: 66
    Hiro Protagonist
    if i want to use my rift after any time of extended disuse i have to reboot… it's a pain in the neck but hey i'fi want my $'s worth out of it
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