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Ground Runner: Trials - Hoverbike VR game

AstrofishGamesAstrofishGames Posts: 3

Hello from Astrofish Games! We've just released our new VR game Ground Runner: Trials into Early Access on Oculus Home. You can see the trailer here:

We've spent the past year or so experimenting and building a VR hoverbike shooter called Ground Runner: Trials in Unity. You use touch controllers to manipulate the hoverbike levers for locomotion/movement and physically pick up and shoot handheld weapons whilst in flight and running along the ground. We're a two man team and together we've worked across both AAA mobile and console over the years on games like Batman Arkham Knight, the Hungry Shark series, Disney's ATV game Pure, Unity for a while too.

We've spent a ton of time researching and working on getting the game to a point where it's as comfortable as we feel a game like this can be in VR. We've had some great feedback at events which has helped us to refine this and get it where it needs to be. We have built a system on top of Unity physics to keep all the motion consistent which we think helps the brain to build up a model of predicted motion a lot quicker, though that's for another discussion. 

I'm starting a thread here as the game is in early access and we would love to hear your thoughts about what you like/can be improved and where you would like to see the game to go. We have our own favorite levels and we would like to flesh out the game into many hours of content building more of what players like. 

Right now it takes me an hour and a half to get through all the content, but I've spend hundreds of hours in this already as you can imagine, so it might be closer to 2 hours. 

Eventually, though not necessarily within this iteration of the game - We'd like to add more bikes, cosmetics and functional upgrades, more environments, enemies and weapons and a proper meta game. We would like to really flesh out the story too. There is scope to chase down very large ships and fly in/out of them throughout structured missions, I think this is something we should explore soon. Any additions we add to Ground Runner: Trials will be included with future updates for free. Though we're exploring the idea of making larger stand alone games based around certain mechanics depending on what's popular with players. 

If you're interested in future developments please follow us on Twitter  @GroundRunnerVR  or Facebook @GroundRunnerVR

Any help with spreading the word about the game would also be really awesome and appreciated!

If you would like to download and play the game for yourself, it is on the Oculus Home store. Here's a THE GAME: Oculus Home

Thanks for taking an interest!!

Chris Bolton - Astrofish Games


  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 3,997 Valuable Player
    edited June 19
    This game is truly a must-have for Rift owners - I just wrote this review in the Oculus Store:

    "There're not many hoverbike games in VR, and this one truly shines. Kinda feels like a first person shooter on a hoverbike in a post Mad Max world. Flying around destroyed and rusty spaceships decaying on the ground and being immersed in this futuristic world is one of the best VR experiences I ever had. There's simply nothing like it - sure you can get something different in VR, but you can't get something better ;-) The music blows my mind everytime - probably my favorite music in any VR game. Maybe this game is for seasoned VR users, but take it slow and let the VR legs grow - for this game is exactly why you want to grow those VR legs. I'm confident that ASW 2.0 works like a charm in this game - I've maxed out all graphics settings, even 8xMSAA, and I force super sampling 2.0 using Oculus Tray Tools - still it feels like perfect 90 fps using a GTX 1080. I'm in awe how the devs have optimized this game. Textures are close to being photo-realistic, I guess you could say that this game is as good as it gets in every way and it'll totally blow your mind!"

    Seems like the game now also support Index controllers - just slightly annoying having to buy the same game again, sigh ;-)
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