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Asseto Corso and PCars Tracking Issues

azmand01azmand01 Posts: 12
Folks anyone with a solution for tracking issues with racing games.
Every lap in PCars and Assetto and I need to recenter view.
I always have to look more to the right of the center view to get a correct center when resetting , but it shouldn't need to reset every lap anyway.
I am running two sensors, powered USB 3.0.

A great deal has been discussed here:

With a solution by:
"rkodey said:
I think I found a temporary solution that works for me (so far):  process affinity.

I restricted "EliteDangerous64.exe" to cores 1-6, and "OVRServer_x64.exe" to cores 7-8.  After that, the tracking problems disappeared in my first test!  I'll try a couple more test runs today to make sure it remains stable.  But, thought I'd throw this idea up to see if it helps anyone else.

Note:  I'm running 1 sensor."

But I have no idea how to restrict cores like rkodey did... also I am on a AMD FX7380 processor.

Any help appreciated.



  • azmand01azmand01 Posts: 12
    Does anyone from Oculus answer questions on this support? Where do we go for support?

  • WreckLuse68WreckLuse68 Posts: 250
    Nexus 6
    No problems with tracking at all here...either in Assetto Corsa or PCars fact both run like a dream at the moment...anyways...there is a tool on Steam called CPUCores which will do what you want (I can't say how good it is) but I guess if you consult the Oracle (Google) you could probably find something similar for free.
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