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Any recommendations for Duck Season or The Climb?

Dumpy4LifeDumpy4Life Posts: 21
Brain Burst
Are these games worth picking up during the Winter Sale?


  • FastForward352FastForward352 Posts: 176
    I can't tell for Duck Season since I didn't try it, but The Climb is a must have, especially at such a low price. It's a great simulation, don't expect much "fun" with it. I really love this game, it's very realistic, but I had some friends try it at home and discovering VR, and though they were impressed, they prefered playing "fun" games like Dead and Buried, The Lab or RoboRecall ;)
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  • ThugThug Posts: 435
    edited January 2018
    The Climb is a no brainer.
    I thought it was/is fun, but not action packed.
    The feeling of being up at a height is really well done, so will test your nerves if you suffer with heights.
    There are a few Easter eggs to find along the way (like dropped cameras) and different routes to take, so replay value is good too, and some good touches too like insects, hang gliders, etc.
    It has great use of touch also.

    Duck season is ok, but i got bored after about 20 mins, but will go back to it again sometime.

    Both are really good and well polished titles, but if i could only go for one then The Climb would win.
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