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Ideal 2 Sensor Set-up

BrixmisBrixmis Posts: 2,157
Project 2501
I know this has been discussed in the past, but I read that Oculus updated the roomscale set-up since and I would like to ask people who use a 2 sensor roomscale set-up.

I am converting my thrid bedroom into a VR room. It's 2m x 3m, but with the PC desk et all included it will leave me a clear 2x2m. According to an article I read on the blog, 5x5ft is ideal - so it sounds pretty much perfect. I have ordered a set of 3 mounts (in case I do end up needing a 3rd sensor) and intend mounting them in opposite corners, near the ceiling (2.3m/7¼ft) - which will be 3.7m or 12ft 2" apart. I could move the front one forward almost a metre, if required, to make a 2m square coverage, rather than the rectangle of the 3x2m room.

I've been using this article for reference.

Anyone have a similar size space and using two sensors? Much occlusion?

I won't be doing anything too enthusiastic, due to my musculo-skeletal disease (which was why I sent the first set of Touch back after much Dead & Buried induced pain - but later reconsidered), but would like the occasional sedate round of Onward or Hover Junkers, Doom 3 etc.

Also, does the set-up include such a scenario. When I last ran mine it did say that two-sensor 360° was optional, but as I wasn't trying that, I didn't have a look - does it actually help with that, or are you on your own in setting it up?



  • DevilsNipsDevilsNips Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    I have a piss poor amount of space but have setup my oculus in 4 different places on several occasions. i always find that placing them almost 180 degrees either side of you (one on your right and one on your left) instead of the recommended 2 infront either side works better as they can see you at all times and its basically as good as having 3 for a 360 setup. you want them about 6-8 feet high, one of them perfectly straight and one facing down just enough to see the floor, this way one of the always sees your hand when high up and the other sees them on the floor, this setup with 2 sensors makes nly 2 very small blind spots that rarely get in the way of gameplay.

    as for distance, i have them at only 2 feet away in either direction in my room, 4 feet in my living room and 5 feet at my parents, all of which works more or less the same. the only thing you need to remember is that with them in a 180 setup oculus setup will error, but if you just skip the sensor part of the setup you ill find them to be just fine.
  • BrixmisBrixmis Posts: 2,157
    Project 2501
    Thanks for that - hadn't thought of 3 and 9 o'clock, I'll give that a try first :)

  • BrixmisBrixmis Posts: 2,157
    Project 2501
    edited January 2018
    Unfortunately, the 90 and 270° set-up won't work for me - when I am sat at the desk, I have too much occlusion, because the centre of my standing/roomscale space is a couple of feet behind my seated postion. If I do anything with touch in front of my stomach (while seated) it is hidden from the sensors.

    I've now set the sensors at the 5 and 11 o'clock positions and will see how that goes. Finally have my VR room after using the Rift for 18 months! Been saving up all the roomscale games to play when I had enough space - gonna be busy for a while! (when I finish the set-up and get it right).

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  • SneakyglowormSneakygloworm Posts: 76
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    edited January 2018
    Ive found that mounting the sensors around 7 feet up at 10 oclock and 5 oclock seems good. The one drawback is that if I am seated and look straight down, the tracking goes out and the image wobbles around. Presumably because my face sensors are hidden and the sensors have trouble tracking my head. I thought the headset had rear sensors? Ideally, it seems I  also need a low down sensor as well. :S
  • BrixmisBrixmis Posts: 2,157
    Project 2501
    Thanks - so far the 11 and 5 o'clock is working well - just below 7ft height. I've not tested it in a roomscale game, yet, though.

  • BrixmisBrixmis Posts: 2,157
    Project 2501
    Just for information if anyone is looking in future - the set-up I described has so far worked perfectly. The sensors are at a height of just over 6ft (1.8m) and at 11/5 o'clock and I've not had a single tracking issue playing either seated or roomscale. I sit just 18 inches (horizontal measurement) away from the front sensor.
    The sensors are angled to point at waist height when I'm in the middle of the play area.

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