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OculusSetup.exe won't start!

tman1234tman1234 Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Support
I just got a rift today and I'm trying to install the setup butt it won't start. My rift is not plugged in and I've updated all of my drivers and windows. I have tried running it in Windows 8 compatibility mode but that doesn't work either

System Specs:
i5 6600k
RX 480
16GB Ram
Windows 10


  • DevilsNipsDevilsNips Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    reboot pc, then run the exe as administrator first thing before doing anything else, OH and make sure you disable your antivirus when installing too.

    infact you could try that before needing the reboot, alot of the time its an antivirus software stopping installs, temporarily disable and it should hopefully install ok.
  • apprefactoryapprefactory Posts: 3
    Still a no-go on this....any other possibly explanations why it might not work?

    (It REALLY should!)
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