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Oculus CV1 LCD repair

HoobieHoobie Posts: 2

I've been an avid follower of Oculus since the DK1 but a couple months ago i woke up one day and put on my rift and the left LCD had black dots all over it that progressively got worse.. I'm not sure how it was caused but my rift has been bumped around a bit (looked into a wall / small drop ~ 1ft) but nothing that seemed bad enough to cause damage. Anyways, Oculus refused to offer me a replacement once they determined it was physical damage so im stuck with a $600 investment (if you don't count the PC i built just for the rift) that won't be repaired or fixed by Oculus.

I was wondering if anyone has found a place that can replace the LCD or at least anywhere I could buy one online and put it in myself or if anyone is willing to sell me the LCD from another broken rift

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