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I wish i could rotate the play area

ElunedraElunedra Posts: 87
Hiro Protagonist
edited January 2018 in Support
 my play area is tilted, and sadly therefor i have a rather small play aera while my actaul area is 150x200cm but sadly i cant edit it

i dont know if i can somehow trick it to see it was a rectangle..


  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 763
    LOL, same issue here. I haven't found a solution either.
  • ElunedraElunedra Posts: 87
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited January 2018
    Thanks that totally worked, i just had to fake the step where you try to set the camera position relative to your monitor and instead point at one of my strait sides
    along with the guardian_boundary_editor i got some nice square space covering my entire play area

  • gordonhamsaygordonhamsay Posts: 1
    Also, unless I am very mistaken, it doesn't matter what your play area say it is. It will be whatever your boundaries you set are. 
  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 1,665 Valuable Player
    nalex66 said:
    When the setup program asked you to point towards your monitor, point to the edge of your play area that you want to be the front. In the image above, point to the middle between your two sensors, and that will make your playspace aligned properly to the grid.

    It doesn't matter where your actual monitor is, the program just assumes that your monitor is the front of your space. (Hint: it doesn't have to be.)
    Hate to necro this thread but THANK YOU!!!!!!  This is EXACTLY what I needed.  Hate to have to reset view all the time.
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