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I am a bit unsure what to do with my Oculus Dev kit 2

Fat_ChickenFat_Chicken Posts: 1
I didn't originally buy it my uncle bought it but a week after it arrived he passed away due to cancer. Since then I have been given it from my grandparents and I am sort of unsure what I can do with it. I don't have USB3 like the software says I need to use it, I dont really have a space for it and its quite outdated. Is there anything that I can do with it other than sell it? I dont really want to sell it as it was his and I do want to be able to eventually use a VR headset but I am a bit stuck.


  • KNP54KNP54 Posts: 288
    Nexus 6
    If I remember correctly, the DK2 use USB 2.0 ports. Although not officially supported anymore it should work with the current Oculus software, though you won't be able to use new features that require the touch controllers.

    Could you post your systems specifications here? That will help us determine if your computer is strong enough for VR.
    If you don't know your system specs, this utility will tell you:
    Look for Processor Name, Motherboard Manufacturer and Model, Memory Size, and GPU Name

    You could always install the Oculus Software and experiment a little bit, there are quite a few free games and experiences.
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  • xWandererxxWandererx Posts: 386
    They make great doorstops too erm I mean they might be collectable
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    edited January 2018
    DK2 is officially unsupported, but it does mostly still work. If you are setting it up on the latest Oculus app, you may have to click skip on some of the steps that are tailored for the consumer Rift. But once you get though, it should be fine. At least for the apps or features that support the gamepad (Touch controllers are only compatible with consumer Rift so won't work on DK2).
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