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HTC Vive Breakout box issue

whosinanamewhosinaname Posts: 12
Has anyone successfully used the vive breakout box?  When I connect it to my pc with 6 foot usb and 6 foot hdmi I can plug my rift directly into it and it works.  If I add 10 foot extension usb and hdmi between headset and breakout box I get no image.  if I take the same 10 foot extension and plug directly into video card it works.  any thoughts?  all usb cables highly rated for rift, and hdmi cables are all highspeed.  breakout box is powered.

Rift--->10' extension-->breakout box--->6' extension--->pc  DOES NOT WORK
Rift--->breakout box-->6'extension--->pc  WORKs
Rift--->10'extension--->PC  WORKs


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