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Ocassional stuttering both through Oculus and Steam

djalekksdjalekks Posts: 2
Hey everyone,

I usually try to google or find out through the forums, but this condition seems too specific. Anyway everything has been working pretty well since purchase in august. Yesterday I tried playing LA Noire, and it started stuttering every few seconds. I would take off my HMD and click on the desktop LA Noire window, which would somehow refresh the framerate, and bring it up to 90. I would then continue playing, but not longer after it would go back to stuttering. I refunded the game thinking it's an issue with the game ( I know it's not officially compatible with Oculus). I then went on to play Rec Room which I often do, no stutters on there ever. Also I switched to Oculus Home, where I never get serious issues (I do sometimes on Steam). But then the same started happening.

It wasn't as serious as in LA Noire, but was still there. And clicking on the desktop window fixed it temporarily. I then tried a regular experience (Blindfold) and then Elite Dangerous, again the same problems. I tried restarting, reinstalling, it doesn't help. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


  • djalekksdjalekks Posts: 2
    It's happening in every game, every experience, after restarting, any time. Could my HMD have become faulty? This wouldn't make sense because the issue is very temporarily fixed when I click on the window (with or without the HMD on my head)
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