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Oculus crashes my USB 3.0 PCIe Controller

BadKoalaBadKoala Posts: 2

first of all, English isn't ,my first language, so sorry for mistakes. 

Here is my problem: I can setup my Oculus Rift with 3 Sensors very well, but as soon as I use the Oculus to dive in the VR World, my USB 3.0 PCIe Controller crashes (Code 43) and the Oculus stop Working. Sometimes the whole PC stops working. This happends everytime after 5-10 Minutes as soon as I put on my VR Headset. Before you ask, it's not the PCIe Controller, I have 2 different build in my PC and both of them crashes. 

I've seacherd very long to solve this problem but it seems that I'm the only one with this problem.


Power Supply: Crossair RM 850x
Motherboard: msi 990FXA Gaming
Graphiccard: Nvidia 1080
RAM: 4x 8GB
CPU: AMD Fx 9590
Cooling: Crossair Water Cooling H115i + 3x BeQuiet 120mm Fans 1600rpm + 1x No Name 120mm Fan 700 rpm
OS: Windows 10 Home

All my drivers are Up to Date, I'm using Driver Booster 5 Pro to keep them up to date.


  • EliteSPAEliteSPA Posts: 1,560
    Project 2501
    edited January 2018
    Is the pci-express card the one recomended from Oculus? If so, you need to install the fresco logic drivers.
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  • AlleywayJ4ckAlleywayJ4ck Posts: 1
    I've also been having problems with code 43 and my PCIE card crashing. The rift starts up and connects, and I can do just about anything in the tutorial area, but as soon as I go to load a game my card crashes. Code 43.
    Does the Rift S only work on the USB cards you suggested?If so, you should probably bundle them with your product as a "sorry" to just about everyone that was forced to buy one.
    I could only get my hands on an ORICO brand PCI-express USB 3.0 card, but if I order in the one you suggested, what guarantee do I have that it won't just do the same thing?
    If you couldn't tell I'm a little angry about this whole debacle, it's a huge problem just about everywhere you look with no clear solution.

  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,478 Volunteer Moderator
    edited January 8
    I've just had a look at the Orico website and there are 3 PCI-E cards but none are available to buy so possibly discontinued? More worrying though is that the site seems to have no drivers available to download. A quick search through Amazon comments suggest people are having problems with these cards on Windows, indeed the website seems to focus on Apple use.

    I think Oculus recommend cards based on user feedback and testing but from my own experience, I've used an ASRock MB hub, a Asus MB hub as well as the Inateck cards with no issues. But you'll also find other cards commented on in these forums as working ok.

    You say you could only get your hands on the Orico card but you're able to order other cards such the one recommended? It may have been better to order that one first. There's no guarantee that any card will work without knowing more about your setup, drivers make a big difference.

    I'm a big fan of adding all of your specs to your signature, or listing them in the original post, including Windows version. It helps people suggest solutions.
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