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Download game after purchase

stefanocs2stefanocs2 Posts: 1
Hello to all
I just bought Oculus Rift I would like to know if there is the possibility to download the free games already included before the Rift arrives. Because where I play, I have a consumption connection


  • FortuiteerFortuiteer Posts: 9
    That will be a bit of a problem. At least some of the games will be unlocked by setting up the Touch controllers. That procedure will bind the games to the account used at that moment.
    I think your best option is to browse the Oculus and Steam stores for generally free VR games, to fill the time until you can finish downloading those that come with the Rift.
    There are extremely well made free games available, like "The Lab" (made by Valve), "Waltz of the Wizard", "Rec Room", "Deadly Hunter VR", "Heart of the Emberstone: Coliseum" and the "Compound" demo, to give just a few examples.
    In fact, just browsing all the curiosities available in the VR section of Steam, is entertaining on its own.
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