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Does anyone know of a USB monitor adapter that doesn't use "displaylink" drivers ?

vrGeek2vrGeek2 Posts: 2

Sorry about my thread title, it may look as though it's completely off topic on an Oculus forum, but it's about the total incompatibility between the Rift drivers and USB monitors and adapters.  Flight Sim enthusiasts make use of both (or would do, if they could co-exist !), so it's a real bind to have to unload the displaylink driver and reboot in order to use the Rift occasionally.

I searched Google and the incompatibility between the too seems to have been made aware of, but I found no solutions or new drivers so far.

I'd just found out about USB connected monitors, (late as usual !), and found them great for addon instrument and map panels in FSX and P3D.
So I bought an Asus 1080p 13" USB3 monitor and it works really well in my cockpit setup. only a few mm thick and connected via just the USB3 cable (power and signal). No instrument lag or performance drawback that I can see.

The only trouble is that the displaylink driver is totally incompatible with my Oculus Rift, so I have to fiddle with the boot up drivers every time I want to use either of them, and can never use both together.

I downloaded a utitily that disables the displaylink driver so that I can use the rift after a reboot, but it's stil either/or, and not both.

Does anyone know of a USB3 monitor adapter that does still let the Oculus Rift work ? I guess it needs to work without the "displaylink" type of driver ?

My Rift is working fine otherwise with my triple monitor setup, all plugged into my Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 display card, (so all four ports are used on that, hence needing the USB adapter to drive the small panel/map monitor).


  • vrGeek2vrGeek2 Posts: 2
    That went down well ! :)

    I was afraid that there may be no solution to the incompatibility still.

    I've got round it for now though, by adding an old low-spec PCI-E graphics card into my PC, and uninstalled the USB monitor drivers.

    It's working well, with no noticeable drop in frame rate, and I can now use my fourth monitor to view instruments or a map, and still slip the Oculus on or off for a bit of VR flying, as well as my triple monitor setup.

    It's still a shame that the displaylink drivers are so o=incompatible with the Rift though, the USB monitors make such a neat setup to a flight sim cockpit, just a super-slim panel and only one USB 3 connection needed for power and signal.

    If Oculus ever bring out a solution to the driver clash, I'll probably revert to the USB monitor again.
    THANK YOU! I've been trying to figure out why my rift was bluescreening my computer. I thought my USB 3.0 drivers were dead. This displaylink compatibility is quite annoying. 
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