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locomotion for fps cod type games

hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 815
edited January 2018 in General
I use the Virtual Desktop video player software to watch youtube videos, in (standard fisheye), I can set the fov the fisheye uses by moving the slider below the words "fisheye".

Normally I like to use it a 90 fov, mostly for music videos, but some music videos show a screen filling face like some of Enya's music videos and this looks better at a fov of 60, the rift can show the 60 fov in full so I see the entire face.

Well yesterday I was watching this video on youtube: 

I tried to watch it at 90 fov and all the camera wobbling make me feel bad, so I lowered it to 60 fov and it was watchable.

What allowed me to watch the video at 60 fov? I don't know if:
- A1 = its the size of the fov being small at 60 fov,
- A2 = its the entire screen being seen inside the circle and outside the circle its a black screen.
- A3 = or its both the small fov which is a small screen size and its the entire screen being seen inside the small circle.

Whatever the reason, I think this makes a good point that the locomotion illness is due to the wobbly nature of the camera. And by reducing the screen to a fisheye thats a small fov during locomotion/running will make the wobbly camera able to be used in games like cod or csgo or pubg.


  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 815
    edited January 2018
    I saw this video about some Microsoft research in the way to reduce motion illness using the fov;

    This shows that the question of why the small fisheye worked is A2; "its the entire screen being seen inside the circle and outside the circle its a black screen." 

    With ms research instead of the fisheye perspective where the picture is in a circle and outside the circle is a black screen, you have the regular screen and the peripheral vision seeing the lights on the outside of the screen.

    The peripheral vision seeing the lights mimics the fisheye black border around the picture.

    I assume the camera moving makes the motion illness and seeing the camera motion inside a container like the fisheye with the black border or the Microsoft peripheral lights makes the camera motion stabilized from the brains perspective.

    it would be interesting to see if using both a fisheye with a black border and peripheral lights around the screen reduce the motion illness even more so games like cod or csgo could be played with the regular camera motion and locomotion.

    What I think is happening but have no proof is the fisheye perspective and black border and Microsoft research with peripheral lights is a way of introducing outside world interference. Much like talking to somebody about something unrelated to what your experiencing in VR.
    This changes the focus the brain has on VR to include the outside world which reduces the immersion and makes motion illness less noticed because your not immersed enough to be sick.

    Another method then of slowing VR illness is to get something or somebody to distract you while your playing VR to draw your attention outside of focusing entirely on what you see in the goggles. Like a robot that pokes your leg on the floor every now and then when it sees your heart rate increase to show your too immersed and need some outside influence to keep you mentally able to not get sick.
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