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Rift 2.0 and Dash

NghtRydrNghtRydr Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Samsung Gear VR
Hello everyone I'm not sure if this has been already addressed but I was wondering will there be an update added for oculus dash and home 2.0 for us gear vr users similar to the cpu version? I would really appreciate it, truly customizable! I'm at brand new vr user that just switched from Apple and purchased the 2017 headset w/ controller and a Samsung galaxy s6 running android 7.0 


  • TraneDePriestTraneDePriest Posts: 1
    Well it's been over 7 months and you haven't received an answer to this question and I don't seem to find any support or plans to deploy the dash 2.0 or you know the new Dash interface for a Samsung Gear VR owners it looks like it's a rift specific interface reliant on the rift core update probably requires too much Hardware
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