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After windows updated, and i switch my monitor to oculus(HDMI) my computer shuts off

sekinetsusekinetsu Posts: 3
I can't use the oculus anymore, i tried everything, ever since windows 10 updated. I used to be able to just switch the monitor for the oculus no problem, but now, the PC shuts down when doing so. I've tried power settings, display settings, and so on. anybody know how to help?


  • DeadLashDeadLash Posts: 3
    I think I know what you are talking about...maybe. So if I understand what you are saying is that after the recent update for windows you are no longer able to use your rift. Have you tried reverting back to the recent update? If it works again then you know that it is more than likely a software thing for windows. I am kinda having the same problem right now. The downfall of reverting back is that you might have to go through the setup again to calibrate it all again just to be safe. That is what I have been doing recently. Hope this works for you now. Here's hoping that windows gets their stuff together and fixes all of this soon.
  • SneakyglowormSneakygloworm Posts: 105
    I run the rift on a gtx 1080 and there is a lot of heat produced. Are you over clocking? Is your PSU up to spec? If your PC shuts down that quickly, it could be either overheating or undervolting. Grab something like MSI afterburner or hwmonitor and check the temps of CPU and GPU. Of course, it could also be something entirely different but it shouldn't just shut down for no reason like that. 
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Rift requires at least 1 monitor connected. If you only have a single monitor, and you unplug it to connect Rift, that won't work. You should connect your monitor to another port on the video card (such as using a DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter) and leave Rift connected directly on HDMI.
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