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Fbx format

peintrevannierpeintrevannier Posts: 8
I can Import a 2D file into oculus Quill but by exporting it in. fbx format I lose its textures and colors. When I import this. fbx file into Tilt brush I have only one volume without texture. How to do this? Thanks for helping me out. 


  • peteissohighpeteissohigh Posts: 18
    Brain Burst
    I have exactly the same question wanna ask... could any technical staff help us? it is very very important!
  • schevrelschevrel Posts: 55 Oculus Staff
    You will need to create a material with the right image as a texture in the application you import the FBX into and apply that material to the rectangle mesh that represents the 2D image. Quill does not export textures or materials. Only the color of Quill strokes is exported as vertex colors in the FBX exports.
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