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Dogfight Elite but we need your help!

creat326creat326 Posts: 84
edited May 2013 in Games and Apps
Hi there!

Dogfight Elite, a historical & educational WWI & WWII multiplayer flight simulator supports Oculus Rift.
Imagine flying on your Albatros or your Mustang P51d and just looking around in search of your enemies! That's what is possible in Dogfight Elite... but... we can't finish it until we get the funding from kickstarter. So come and pledge to have the coolest flight simulator ever made thanks to Oculus Rift :)


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Good luck, man!
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  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    Hey guys,
    the project is going ok, but the funding is going like crap :(
    Only 48 hours to go and very few people know about us and what we are trying to achieve. The idea is that you can use Oculus to check around and move around while flying, parachuting, walking or driving the tank.
    The project is still live at:

    I don't know, any idea how to get help? Maybe Oculus can give it some kudos or something?

    Time is flying! (pun intended)
  • JOHIsaacJOHIsaac Posts: 95
    Most likely just bad timing with War Thunder in Open Beta and World of Warplanes in Closed Beta it's hard to esablish another one if you aren't outstanding. Occulus Support is not for the mass.
  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    yeah, competition just got nasty...
    anyway, we really hope to gain an edge because ours is more a historical/educational flight sim and not just a shoot them all
    but definitely not easy to compete with the big guys, we are only 5 in the team O:)
  • GuNStArHeRoGuNStArHeRo Posts: 14
    yeah like JOHIsaac said "bad timing"...with EVR being the anticipated Dogfight game being developed for the Rift a project like this should have did a kickstarter after E3 2013. Question if i may but why does the engine for this game looks dated?
  • creat326creat326 Posts: 84
    hmm not dated. It uses Unity3d as the engine. For what I saw from the other flight sims, is that they are usually 1 platform. I've just got them, one is only for PC and trying to get into mobile, another is only for desktop.

    Dogfight Elite is multiplatform. So most images you see are actually from the mobile version since the desktop version requires much more details, 3d work and all that jazz that I can't do without the funding. I guess that's why it looks "aged", but I think it is pretty cool because those graphics run even on a Nexus One at the moment.
    We are working to make it look much cooler on mobile and then if funded, begin doing some real serious stuff for desktop.
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