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A favor to ask from Boogeyman 2 owners...

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,277
edited January 2018 in Games and Apps
The (very decently priced) Boogeyman 2 is currently rated 3/5 stars, with half the comments from users complaining they can't play it. Suggesting it's a bugfest that keeps crashing and is barely worth playing anyway...

But that's because only 10 user ratings have been posted :
- 6 come from the huge minority of players who could launch it, found no bugs, and together gave it an average ~4.83 star rating.
- 4 come from from a minority of player who failed to launch it, who each gave it a 1-star rating but only because they were so disappointed that they "couldn't" play it.

And because there has been so few user reviews, that minority of players with an (initial) launch issue represent ~50% of the votes and comments.

So if you are someone from that majority of buyers who "DID" in fact manage to play it : Please help rate it.

Thank you.

PS : I am not related to the Developer.
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