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FPS Problem in some games

RedLeader42RedLeader42 Posts: 44
I initially chimed in on another thread regarding FPS problems in Robo Recall but I am realizing it isn't just that game. I'm having this in other games as well such as The Climb and Bending the Light. I'm using Oculus Tray Tool to confirm the FPS and performance headroom. In-game there is visible stuttering while moving around or even just watching moving objects. FPS is reported steady at 45 with negative headroom. Windows reports the process using around 32% GPU usage and 20% CPU. The system is a new MSI GE63VR-7RF Raider with GTX 1070 and Windows 10. I've tried some suggestions like turning off ASW Mode to no effect, updating drivers, etc. I'm running GeForce drivers v390.65. The only thing I've found that helps (tested in Robo Recall) is if the game can be windowed and then minimized on the computer screen, the FPS immediately camps out at 90 FPS with 30-50% headroom.Other games or environments such as the new Oculus Home, Job Simulator, Echo Arena and Star Trek Bridge Crew all run steadily at 90 FPS with no less than 20% headroom. I'm unsure what changed but I can say when I first got the system all the games seemed to run flawlessly.

Is this a known issue, as I've seen other people reporting similar problems? Is there any resolution? I actually want to have some friends over to blow their bi
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