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HDMI Detection

Iorek_The_RougeIorek_The_Rouge Posts: 7
gtx 1080
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cosair vengeance ram

issue: there is power being directed to the headset but I'm having the issue of no images being projected and the hdmi is not being detected in the oculus device hub also. i have kinks in the cable as well from spinning as well and not planning to rule that out as a problem. the big issue about it is that it was working yesterday just fine

Fixes attempted:
unplug and replug in hdmi and usb light goes on,no images
reinstall drivers and install fresh oculus program still no detection 


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    There is an issue with some recent Nvidia drivers. Please install an older one. I think 388.71 is OK.
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  • Iorek_The_RougeIorek_The_Rouge Posts: 7
    ok so now I'm having to re download the driver each time i want to play gonna try uninstalling steam vr and reinstall everything again ill let you all know how it goes

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