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Skype notifications playing in Rift headphones

RedLeader42RedLeader42 Posts: 44
First things first, I've already disabled the option under Devices > Rift > Hear non-VR apps in VR. I also have Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device enabled under the Rift audio devices properties.

Despite all this, I still hear Skype notifications under Windows 10 in any game I'm playing. Is there something I'm missing, or is this app just overriding all the overrides I've tried to set?


  • ArranoxArranox Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    you could go to skype settings and turn off the notification sounds though?. would solve your problem.
  • RedLeader42RedLeader42 Posts: 44
    Yes but I'm using Skype as a specific example. It's the Windows notifications alert that is playing, and my understanding by the naming of that setting is that it shouldn't be doing that? Just curious if this is normal, a bug, or I'm missing something.
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