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Oculus Installation

blackeye634blackeye634 Posts: 2
Are there any plans to make it possible to install Oculus in its entirety on alternative drives?

Oculus is taking up a big portion of my SSD drive which I normally reserve for my Operating System only. Games etc I always install on my secondary drive( Drive D), which includes all my Oculus Apps. At its current rate of growth I will soon find myself in a position where my SSD drive (I:E Drive C) is full.

Please fix this soon.


  • WreckLuse68WreckLuse68 Posts: 250
    Nexus 6
    edited February 2018
    err...install your Oculus Apps on drive D 
    You are given the option of where to install your apps when you install the Oculus must have seen it because you have obviously clicked 'next' to install it.
    At least I think that is what you are asking.

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