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Possible fix for Oculus FPS issues and GPU overheating. DISCORD!

XBonezXBonez Posts: 14
edited February 2018 in Support
I was having problems just recently with my Oculus Rift.  After about 5-10 minutes of any game I would play in VR, my game would slow down to about 6 fps ,and chop and stutter until the screen when black.  Even on the mirrored display on my PC it would be choppy and slow.   This was very frustrating as I couldn't use my rift.

Setup = Windows 10 64 Bit, Nvidia 1080 Founders, 32gb Ram, Intel I7 6700k.

This started happening shortly after many recent events, Oculus 2.0 beta update was just installed, got the new nvidia drivers, and windows updates.  So I had no idea what it could be.

I first completely uninstalled and reinstalled Oculus software, then opted out of beta.  Rolled back my nvidia drivers to 3 different versions, uninstalled some recent windows updates.. But NOTHING WORKED.

I then noticed after installing some Temp monitoring software, that my GPU was constantly running at 80 c, even though I wasn't doing anything.  If I would click on my desktop I would notice that the temp would start to drop down to 40's.  Very strange.. and again started trying many different things including opening up case and having cold air in the room from opening the windows (it was freezing out), but the GPU would still run hot.

So I just had a hunch, because obviously something I load when I game is causing this to happen.. DISCORD!!!!  I remember that I enabled hardware GPU acceleration in Discord.  So I unchecked that, rebooted.. WA-LA! Temp was at a steady 37c.   When I play games GFX intensive my card is only around 77 - 80c. 

I think whatever discord was doing doubled the performance of the GPU when I ran oculus causing it to over heat.

That night I enjoyed a very exciting time in From Other Suns.  Man VR is incredible.

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