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Really weird random lag

NickpwnsuNickpwnsu Posts: 1
Hey guys, I’m having a bit of a delema and before you ask, every cable is where it needs to be. USB 3.0 for all the wires and the only HDMI port on my computer. I have my video output to my monitor on a DVI and honestly haven’t had trouble up until today, playing a month straight of FPS 60+. Here are my specs as per usual,

GTX 1070 (8gb) - graphics card
i7-7700 - processor 
16 gb ram
250 gb SSD

if I forgot a spec please let me know, but here is my problem.

i moved my sensors and room setup, and ever since then I get this incredibly odd Lag, almost like choppy movement. If I were to move any of my hands/Head I have to actually wait and watch my hand slowly follow the movement I had just made. But then it’ll randomly stop for maybe 10-20 seconds at an FPS of 60+ and start lagging again. I check my system specs while this is all happening and normally nothing runs above 50 percent but when the lag is happening, It is maxing out my GPU at 100. I’m almost positive it isn’t my computers hardware because I can still run PUBG as smooth as day. But once it comes to using my rift, it’s like I’m trying to play on Windows 98. Like I said, gameplay is now unbearable but for a month straight I was playing perfectly, until I moved my room setup.

i also made sure no reflective objects were behind me in the new setup, my mirror is covered and there’s mostly an open space where my play zone is.

thank you.
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