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Unable to use Oculus

DoIneedaUsernameDoIneedaUsername Posts: 2
I have an i6700 and a 1060 with 16gb of ram but when I launch oculus the cpu usage jumps all the way up to 100% and stays there. It works fine on my other pc but this one is not having much luck. Any reason why? If I keep the headset off the cpu usage is around 30% but when I put it on it jumps up to 100%.


  • Coldsnap500Coldsnap500 Posts: 17
    For me it used to stay at 5% or so when using home, (i5-4670) but since the last update it's at 25% or more.
  • DoIneedaUsernameDoIneedaUsername Posts: 2
    On my other pc which is an i7600k it runs fine, but with the 6700 nonk it won't run well.
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