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Minecraft not launching!!! Screen gets stuck!!!!!!!! ;( Help!

ydwer99ydwer99 Posts: 13
edited February 3 in Games and Apps
Hello, minecraft is not launching on my alienware aurora R5 with geforce gtx 1070 8GB and 95 6600.

I reinstalled it lots of times, checked windows updates, removed my antivirus scanner as Oculus support told me to do. Still not launching even after resetting my whole pc to factory settings. The crazy thing is that it worked before

Minecraf on Oculus costs 865 KB to download.
Minecraft Oculus app is 174 mb.
Is that normal?

I really want this to work! Google earth VR is also not launching and The Lab only launches on my monitor. help me for minecraft!!

Minecraft version: V1.2.9
Oculus version:



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