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Baby Hands VR is Adorable and Fun little sandbox / Baby Simulator

SadGamerDadSadGamerDad Posts: 337
Today I'm starting a new series and going back to my childhood, baby-hood to be exact! All with the help of Baby Hands from Austin, TX based Chicken Waffles. Watch as I delight in the freedom of exploration and play all without the cost of regressive hypnotherapy...Yay Kiddos! - SGD


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,776 Volunteer Moderator
    That looks interesting! For extra effect, you should have played on all fours for extra immersion!
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  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,946 Valuable Player
    The simulation needs to be more realistic. They need to add breast feeding.  :p
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  • SadGamerDadSadGamerDad Posts: 337
    They just did some updates and I'll doing a part 2 video soon. So many things for my naughty little baby hands to get into in the house lol
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