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Dell Inspiron 7577 laptop Oculus Rift black Screen StutteringHELP??

AndrewPearceAndrewPearce Posts: 3
Hi there
So today I'm typing up after a month of playing with multiple headsets. I bought this computer off this guy from kjiji brand new unopended. Its a dell inspiron 7577 VR Ready laptop. The specs of it are a i5-7300hq 8gb of ram and 1060 6gb with 1TB and 128SSD.I first tried the laptop with the windows mixed reality headset I bought from Microsoft and 10-15 minutes into use the headset would start to flicker then it would black screen. This would happen as soon as I would load up any sort of game. At first I thought it was just my drivers software etc so I brought it to best buy and they checked and reinstalled everything on my laptop for me to ensure everything was in perfect condition and working and it was.i come back to try out my windows mixed reality headset and it still has the same problems. Anyways fast forward I bought the oculus rift and now I am experiencing the exact same problem. I can play luckys tale for about a solid 8 minutes before black screen flickering occurs and then it just goes black. The screen on my lsaptop has no flickering and all looks perfect along with the audio, except for inside my headset. I have made sure all my cooling is optimal and no overheating is occuring and nothing is being maxed out on my laptop to my surprise. I literally don't have any ide why the flickering is ONLY occurring with the use of a vr headset.  rget no flickering with any games on my laptop and everything runs fine on my PC, its only the headsets I use. Also I have done all the USB management etc.

If ANYBODY can redirect me to someone who can identify my problem I would very much appreciate it. I would literally pay someone to fix this for me. I will attatch the oculus logs in the file above. Hopefully thst can help.


  • nealoculusnealoculus Posts: 2
    Assuming you have the lapTop plugged in? I've heard talk about a new nVidia driver that fixes the issue, not the dell one. Did u ever get it fixed?
  • oscargude13oscargude13 Posts: 1
    Hi there, I'm having a similar issue. I just bought my laptop last week, an Inspiron 7577 with i7-7700HQ also with the Rift Bundle, and since I started using it I have been having some visual static that comes and goes and also some green lines that also, after some time using it, like 10 or 15 min a black screen comes on and it doesn't allow me to keep playing. The image on the PC seems fine and it still track movement and the audio continues fine, if I push the menu button on the touch controller it loads clearly on the headset, but if I try to get back in the game the screen turns black. 
    Also, I started running Dirt Rally on steam VR and after like 5 min the same thing happens and the game crashes, I don't know if it's a hardware or software issue, I hope it's software because I just bought my rift and my laptop. 

    Also if somebody knows about the matter I will appreciate it so much. 
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