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Graphics card doesn't meet recommended specification

kellehkelleh Posts: 2
I just purchased an oculus rift, and need to know if I can do anything to make my laptop run with it
everything else apart from the graphics card is compatible, is the only thing to do get a new computer?
when i plug in the HDMI cable, it doesn't get recognised

I use a gaming laptop at the moment: 

ASUS Republic of Gamers FX553 15.6" Gaming Laptop


  • BeastyBaiterBeastyBaiter Posts: 810
    With very few exceptions, laptops are not upgradable.The GTX 1050 may work for some of the least demanding titles but generally won't give a good experience. There is nothing you can do except buy a much higher end laptop or get a desktop. Desktops are generally recommended for VR and PC gaming in general as they are almost always upgradable with new graphics cards. They are also substantially cheaper.
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