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Upcoming games for Gear Vr

zenturtlezenturtle Posts: 1
I used the occulus app to see what games were being released this year and what to look forward to.
And all i get shown is a soccer game.  
Please tell me there are more games coming. Looking for some good 1st person rpg or stealth games


  • jons190jons190 Posts: 137 Oculus Start Member
    Hey There.  Saw your post and thought I would give you a shout out.     I'm working of Firedrake VR.  A first person, free roaming dungeon rompish RPG.    I have two "episodes" in beta right now  and one more moving into Alpha.and just working on some last little issues before release for the betas.

    Website at:

    Ping me with an email and I can add you tot he list for the next beta if you are interested.  

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