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any help occulus home

degokingdegoking Posts: 6
hello i am currently trying to download and install occulus home, just to get access to the store. I do not have a cv1 but what i do have is an off brand called viulux v1 but it basically is a dk2 by that i mean it runs off of the 0.8 sdk occulus runtime. And the device works great with everything on steam and any where i can downlad vr games. but for whatever reason i have to update to the 1.3 sdk to download ure store page. Which i can not do becasue this device will only work with the 0.8 runtime, So my question is, is there any way to download occulus home while being able to keep my 0.8 runtime. I have already tried to install the newest runtime and then i can load ure store page, but then my device doesn't work so i am looking for a way to keep my 0.8 runtime while still being able to download occulus home. If any one can help that would be awesome thanks.
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