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Can I use Oculus Touch With DK1 On SteamVR?

Smikey_YTSmikey_YT Posts: 3
My DK1 still works on SteamVR and runs at 60 fps and above, it works perfectly fine with no problems. I want to know if the oculus touch works on SteamVR on its own like how the DK1 works its own at the same time you could use PSMove controllers.

To better understand my question, I can play VRChat with the DK1 which obviously doesn't use cameras which i'm perfectly fine with since it tracks rotation, I want to know if I can use oculus touch with its own sensor on SteamVR at the same time use the DK1.

Remember, the DK1 does NOT use cameras but it still works 100% which also means I don't need 2 cameras, I only need 1 for the controllers. This question is strickly for DK1, NOT DK2. 

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  • Smikey_YTSmikey_YT Posts: 3
    nalex66 said:
    No, Touch can't function without a CV1, since it communicates wirelessly to the headset. DK1 and DK2 do not have the functionality to use Touch.
    How about HTC vive controllers, can I bluetooth pair them?
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 4,878 Volunteer Moderator
    I believe Vive controllers also communicate via the headset rather than directly with the PC, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,527 Volunteer Moderator
    edited February 2018
    The Vive controllers do connect via the Vive headset too.

    Back with the first Vive dev kit, it was possible to flash a new firmware to a Steam Controller usb dongle to turn it into a Vive receiver.
    But apparently that doesn't work anymore. Valve have warnings on the instruction page saying to not try it with consumer Vives. Plus I've read that the firmware is out of date, so SteamVR will try to update it when you connect, but it updates it back to a Steam Controller dongle instead of a Vive receiver.

    The only controllers I'm aware of that can mix with headsets in steam are the Razer Hydra (short range, jitters a lot as it gets further from the base station, short cables, hard to find these days) and Leap Motion (finger tracking, not really a controller).
    There's also Antilatency, they are making addon 6dof controllers that work with any headset, but they aren't released yet.

    For the price of two light houses and a single vive wand you could instead buy the full rift+touch bundle.

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