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GlaidrGlaidr Posts: 44
Brain Burst
Can some one PLEASE design a setup for 3D printing, or similar, where you slot in your touch controllers to a base that turns them into a HOTAS setup? 

Think about Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen, where you are walking around standing up, and then when you enter your cockpit, you just sit down, slide your chair up, slot your touch controllers into their slots. and off you fly!

If Nintendo can do it with cardboard and their crappy controllers, surely the elite community here can achieve something similar!!


  • falken76falken76 Posts: 3,053 Valuable Player
    Good luck, anyone with a 3d printer might be able to make something like this for themselves, but the time it takes to print something like this would take so long, nobody would be willing to pay the price most would charge.  You can try to make your own using something free or cheap like TinkerCad, but you'd probably be better off using something like Solidworks because this will need to be assembled to be functional.  You can look through and see what has been made for Oculus by people that use 3d printers.  If you find something you like, you can have it made for you at places like Shapeways.  There's also a few 3d printing groups out there.  Someone might have made this already or you can design it and share it on  

    I do not share anything on that site any longer though because my parts always end up for sale on Ebay and Etsy.
  • w_benjaminw_benjamin Posts: 190
    edited February 2018
    Actually, because the position of the touch controllers is what determines the position, a cheap set of old joysticks could be used..., they don't have to work or even be hooked up. Then swap out the top for a holder for the touch controllers. For my custom rifle stock, I used a 45 degree connector for 1" pvc . I cut 1/4 of it off, so the touch controller handle sits next to the remaining piece (it's hard to explain, you'd probably need a visual). Anyway, those would be perfect atop the joystick bases to make this work.

    I really like this idea..., I'm gonna have to go find a couple of junk joysticks for like 5 dollars each to try it out...

    Edit: After thinking about it, I've decided to just build a frame with a couple of dowels and some rubber bands.

    Should be easy enough..., I'll let you know how it goes.
  • GlaidrGlaidr Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    Yea Let me know!! I guess the problem is, i'm not sure if Elite or Star Citizen supports touch or have any plans to, which means you would need to mod that as well. I just cant be bothered paying for a full HOTAS setup and thought this could be an awesome way to do things. 
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