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For Users w/ Black Screen on Rift, Post Logs Here



  • CasperS9900CasperS9900 Posts: 14
    still waiting for a fix Oculus. you got me to do the whole uninstall dance, which made me quite frustrated 
  • LJKIVLJKIV Posts: 14
    Still getting black screen with orange light.  Hoping someone from Oculus of the forum can help. 
  • piel87piel87 Posts: 3
    also get black screen with orange light, and no recognizion of the hdmi cable on the oculus board
  • Gadget_VRGadget_VR Posts: 2
    Hey thought I'd share this as for months I was having issues with the latest NVidia drivers and my rift not working.  I did down grade my NVidia drivers to 388.59 but was experiencing issues with my video (stuttering and display driver fails).  I'm currently on 391.01 with my GTX 1070 and running my rift without problems.  I went into windows control panel and disabled fast startup (just open control panel and search for it), then I also went into my bios and disabled fast boot.  Since I've done both no black screen of death.  Hope this works for others!
  • roosterfish99roosterfish99 Posts: 1
    This is ridiculous I have done all the steps and finally deleted everything oculus related! Now I cannot even get rift installed back on my brand new laptop.
  • GnimmelGnimmel Posts: 15
    Brain Burst
    I just noticed this thread after posting; Windows 10 fall creators update breaks Oculus?

    My windows updated the other day and after that my oculus had bad stuttering issues as well as the black screen after it had gone to sleep. Restarting my computer fixed the issues for a while.

    I rolled back the windows update and everything seems to be ok now.

  • tomduptomdup Posts: 1
    edited March 2018
    wud08 said:
    I'm also getting black screen, but on core 2.0 beta only.. stable vanilla works ok
    Same for me with 391.01 Nvidia drivers
  • GregTampaGregTampa Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    black screen on and off. rebooting normally helps. 
    seems after I leave it running for awhile it goes dark and never comes back, must reset everything.
  • Pism01Pism01 Posts: 2
    edited March 2018
    Hey everyone!

    I was having this same issue.  After going back and forth with support, I was told to download a Windows feature pack.  I did and now everything works flawlessly!  I tried literally everything and this was the only thing that fixed int.  I am also using the nvidia hot fix drivers 391.05

    Here is a link to the feature pack:

    And the drivers I am using:

    Hope this helps for some!
  • SoulEaterVIIISoulEaterVIII Posts: 11
    I get that black screen, But if I go back to the old home and out of the Beta, the unit works again. So I believe it is something between the new Dash 2.0 and possibly the Nivida newer drivers.
    That's basically the exact same issue my friend and I were having. Rolling back the Nvidia drivers solved the Dash 2.0 issue, but then the blackout happened. 
    I have no idea how this worked, but as soon as I installed the fix for the blackout, I updated my Nvidia drivers and Oculus software and everything worked perfectly after that. So at this point, I have no idea if it has to do with the Nvidia drivers butting heads with Dash 2.0 or just some weird issue with said Nvidia drivers and the previous Oculus software version.
  • Phill3DPhill3D Posts: 3
    I did the same as Gadget_VR pointed out, unchecked win10 fast startup and also quick boot in bios (prob not needed) and all the problems went away, now running 391.01 and smooth VR
  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
    GregTampa said:
    black screen on and off. rebooting normally helps. 
    seems after I leave it running for awhile it goes dark and never comes back, must reset everything.
    Its an issue with Windows, If you Disable Guardian, and Fast Startup (in windows power options) it should be a workaround for now, it works for me.
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  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,774 Volunteer Moderator
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    ASUS MAXIMUS IX HERO | MSI AERO GTX 1080 OC @ 2000Mhz | Corsair Carbide Series 400C White (RGB FTW!) 

    Be kind to one another :)
  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,397 Valuable Player
    edited March 2018
    Just for info - I had some issues with black screen with the previous nVidia driver version, but it was usually after exiting a game, the screen would stay black and not switch to Home (using v2 beta).

    I went back to the v385 version as advised until 2 days ago, when I updated to the current 391.01. Since then, all has been normal.

  • IvansuperIvansuper Posts: 2
    So, I want to post my logs here too, but also want to describe in detail what is happening with my Rift.
    Long story long, Rift (CV1) is always working fine after a system reboot. The problem occurs when I don't use it for several hours (it is still connected to my PC though). For example, once I am done with my work I want to dive into VR and punch yet another thing in my room thinking that I am killing something with my sword.
    Nope, nope and nope.
    I put my HMD on, Oculus app is starting up, orange light changes to white, everything is okay.
    First I do see a small sand clock icon (this is normal when you put on your HMD after you opened up Oculus app).
    After 1-2 seconds I do see a video signal. Just a picture of Oculus Home.
    But, it has a normal 90fps video signal except the fact that image stutters every 2 seconds.
    And after ~7 seconds display goes black, and the light (LED indicator) changes from white to orange.
    Once I reached this point, I am not able to get the image back. Only sound is working fine. There is no image at all.
    Going to Oculus app -- everything is green, no errors. But rarely, VERY rarely, when this issue happens, Oculus app tells me literally this: "Your rift is not working properly, try to reboot your system or visit this link to get some help" (appears in notification section. But even with this notification appeared everything is green (except the LED -- it is orange).
    So, restarting Oculus Service doesn't fix the problem. Although it might bring that 7 seconds of stuttering back, but again,  I end up with a black screen.
    There are several actions that help me to get over this issue and use the HMD:
    * Going to Device Manager, right clicking on graphics card driver, disabling and then enabling it. Yet this solution is not perfect -- some of my apps just go wild and crash when I disable the driver.
    * Driver reinstall. Just the installation process matters. There is no specific driver version that fixes my issue. After the installation is complete I am able to use Rift without problems.
    * System reboot. No comments required I guess. Rebooting the system fixes the issue.
    PS All these steps do fix the problem if you are going to use Rift right after. If I wait for some time, Rift will show me a small portion of stuttering video and turn black with orange light.
    Yes, I tried to disable fast boot, I tried different drivers, I tried many things. All power saving features for my USB ports are disabled. I tried disconnecting and connecting the Rift back -- nothing happens. Something is stuck while Windows is running for a long time.
    Please, I know that this is might not be a first priority bug for you, Oculus Team, but guys, having to restart my system with a bunch of programs running every time when I want to play VR games -- totally unacceptable.
    And this is happening for weeks, months. I am tired of this. I have spent tons of money to get a VR capable PC, I have spent a good bunch of money to get the Rift with sensors and touch controllers.
    I am a developer myself, you can blow me to pieces in order to find what is wrong with this thing, asking me for different logs, tests, anything. I am ready to assist you. I JUST WANT TO "PLUG'N'PLAY" AFTER ALL.
  • RavenBlueFeatherRavenBlueFeather Posts: 66
    Hiro Protagonist
    it's odd that I get black-screen after certain periods of disuse with OculusVR and apps and will need to reboot to coax it but when in SteamVR and apps I never get  black-screen


  • PCXGamerPCXGamer Posts: 1
    I am having a black screen issues. However it seems to have started after the runtime problem. Before that everything was fine. Now when I turn on the software and put on the headset I will go to home. When I move my head it starts to shutter and freeze a little like a jumpy screen then goes black. I also need to note that even if I don't move my head the same thing will happen. If I wait a moment it will restart and then do the same thing again. Then it will go black and stay black. I can hear the sounds in the background. I was using 2.0 but I have changed back to the original and still having the same issue. I have Nvidia 1080 running driver 390.77

    I attached my log and I have also tried uninstalling and then install everything again and see no change.

    I also see what looks like the the runtime maybe having issue in the event viewer as well. I have attached those as well.

  • JKNJKN Posts: 4
    Facing the issue on both classic and 2.0 Core. Latest NVidia drivers and Win10 updates. Logs attached. 

  • Mace404Mace404 Posts: 208
    Nexus 6
    Nvidia driver 388.84 also appears to work fine. (Vulkan dev driver)
    Running it for a couple of days now and had no black screen issues (Which I did have with 391.01)
  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,572 Valuable Player
    Mines been rock solid for a month or so, then after the latest oculus patch its all gone pete tong ...ish

    If i go to use my rift after playing a 2d game it just sits with a white light n does bugger all else :/

    Beta restart twice normally sorts it. Still bullshit mind.

    On the recomend nvidia driver with latest windows patches and fast start up disabled.

    Disabling guardian isnt really an option as im preparing to move and have loads o shite in my vr room. So if i do that i will end up doing myself a mischief!
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  • splash_attacksplash_attack Posts: 1
    edited March 2018
    Just got my rift yesterday. Got to play it for a while and then I experienced a black screen during play. Since then, my computer has been unable to detect HDMI input. Some important things to note:
    - Other displays using HDMI work fine
    - Using HDMI to DVI adapter for rift did not work
    - Orange light on rift at all times when plugged in
    - Manually reinstalled Nvidia driver (current version 391.01)
    - Rolled back display driver to driver version 388.59
    - Turned off fast startup in windows
    - Disabled USB selective suspend
    - Tried plugging rift usb cable into powered hub
    - Tried multiple USB 3.0 ports
    - Tried Beta 2.0 version of Oculus software
    - Checked headset HDMI cable and it appears to be in fine condition

    Nothing I have done has worked and I am beginning to run out of ideas. I attached my log, does anyone else have any ideas?
  • Jake_DragonJake_Dragon Posts: 110
    After the firmware update today the right side of my head set quit working, it was working fine last night when I shut down the PC. Turned on today and was prompted to update the firmware and now no display on the right side.
    Very odd, have a ticket open with support. Not exactly the same issue.
    • Clean install of Nvidia 388.59 version of the drivers
    • Uninstalled the oculus software and installed the latest version
    • Restored my software and restarted the oculus software
    • No joy 
    • Gather logs and sent them to support
    Not happy, I have a lot of money tied up in this system and now its a brick for the second time after an update.
  • leppard2leppard2 Posts: 55
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hi i'm having problem that the screen does not come on sometimes but i usually reset the oculus app and it works again.

  • Micro666Micro666 Posts: 19 Oculus Start Member
    Hi all,

    I too have been having this issue on and off. I'm now on the latest nVidia drivers, and it still happens occasionally, with only a reboot fixing the issue.

    nVidia are aware of the issue and are asking for feedback:

    They would like users to, to create and send links to memory dumps, when you encounter the issue. Oculus are clearly aware of and working on this issue with nVidia, but I think it would also be a great help on the nVidia side if anyone that gets a black screen, creates a memory dump and send it, following the steps detailed by nVidia in the link above.

  • Jake_DragonJake_Dragon Posts: 110
    edited March 2018
    I had video for a few minutes, but the color was off. Reset the software and its dead again.
    I'm mostly not happy because there was nothing wrong with my head set until the firmware was updated.
    Now I have a $400 brick and another $100 in software I cant use.
    I just want my stuff to work or give my money back.

    From support
    Thank you for letting me know, it's possible the firmware update triggered something that was there before to cause the issue
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    If you're using an Nvida GPU and are having the black screen issue, it may help to send some files to Nvidia as well. See this thread for details.
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  • rolfwesemannrolfwesemann Posts: 17
    I have the problem that Oculus sometimes works, but then stops working. Got black screens in Oculus, but the sound is there. Installed the new softwareupdate, but no help. I also had that working for 2 secs, than black, than working for 2 secs again. And have the error message "Oculus had a hardware problem..." when I tried to reconfigure:
  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,572 Valuable Player
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  • LJKIVLJKIV Posts: 14

    Tomorrow will be almost two weeks of the black screen with orange light.  I've posted on both Oculus and NVidia (I'm running a GTX 1080) and it seems like dozens and dozens of others have posted similar complaints..  dozens more posted in Reddit.  I'm convinced this must be a software issue.  I have been in contact with oculus support, but so far, no progress.  and nothing new to addition to what has been posted in the forums

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