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My Oculus app isn't starting up, when I try to start it, an error pops up, why?

thunderdude18thunderdude18 Posts: 2
Recently, I have been having a problem with Oculus, Every time I try to start Oculus an error pops up saying "Your Oculus software might be updating. Please wait a minute and try again. If the issue continues, contact Oculus Support." This has been happening since yesterday.


  • OneMintyMooseOneMintyMoose Posts: 3
    Go into microsoft services, find "Oculus VR Runtime Service" and either start, or restart the service.  If that doesn't work try restarting your computer, I'm kind of in the same boat except for some reason that simple fix I knew isn't working.
  • AztecScribeAztecScribe Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue now. Any fixes available? I have restarted the service and restarted my PC but the problem persists.
  • BaZhAnGBaZhAnG Posts: 6
    me too!
  • BBernesBBernes Posts: 16
    Just got the Your Oculus software might be updating error and nothing works.
  • BaZhAnGBaZhAnG Posts: 6
    was about to start a VR game and this damn thing happens
  • VirHarVirHar Posts: 2
    Yep got the same error - Software might be updating. It worked fine 20 hours ago and nothing has been updated or reinstalled on my PC.......I'm reinstalling Oculus soft to see if it helps.
  • beyondinfinitybeyondinfinity Posts: 46 Oculus Start Member
    edited March 2018
    It's because of an expired certificate (March 7th 2018, 1 PM), unfortunately. We'll have to wait for Oculus to fix, or you can temporarily change the date of your PC to something before that date then restart your PC.

    EDIT: Removed time change workaround as it may have negative consequences with other applications.
  • VirHarVirHar Posts: 2
    Yep I can confirm that reinstall didn't fix it - Thank Beyondinfinity for pointing it out. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
  • VRWorld001VRWorld001 Posts: 1
    yep got the same errors on both PCs...yesterday was running without issues
    Please help
  • ZexMorfZexMorf Posts: 1
    Where do I get the new Certificate ?
  • dburnedburne Posts: 1,662 Valuable Player
    Apparently same thing happening here. Oculus Home 1.24 seems to get stuck on loading, never loads the Home environment. Lost of service launcher errors in event viewer.

    Guess I will be patient and see if this gets sorted over the next few hours...

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  • Killinu6008Killinu6008 Posts: 1
    its happening again
  • FrostDog33FrostDog33 Posts: 1

    Downloaded the hotfix they released back in march and it uninstalled/reinstalled the app and now everything works again. It also updated a few minutes after the reinstall and launch, but still works.
  • Muscled_DogMuscled_Dog Posts: 1
    Hey, it seem kind of stupid, but I had same issues, even after 3 restart. 
    My solution was: Go to C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-drivers\ and run oculus-driver.exe. 
    It just opened the oculus window and it is working fine now.
  • SkrimySkrimy Posts: 3
    I just updated Oculus, hadn't played in several months. Now when it starts up it just spins with a circle. I tried the tool tray app, to have the service start up at win boot. It says the service is up, but the app just never starts.
  • VickerCVickerC Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    @Skrimy: where you able to solve it? I'm having the same issue. Circle just keeps on spinning...
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  • jroc.45448jroc.45448 Posts: 4
    @vickerc did you ever find a solution.... i am having this same issue
  • magiceyemagiceye Posts: 1
    same issue here none of the above work thanks.
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