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Oculus touch free games unavailable

OliverMellaOliverMella Posts: 1
So last Friday i bought the Oculus with the Oculus Touch controllers. When i set up my Rift I had 1 free game, Lucky's Tale. On the box which the Oculus was in there were pictures of 4 games, I just looked at them like they were advertisement or something, but today I realized that they are actually supposed to be 4 free games that I get with my touch controllers. Only problem is that I cannot find them in my library, I was able to download Toybox, but both Medium and Robo Recall needed to be purchased. Help!


  • chunksahoy_chunksahoy_ Posts: 1
    OliverMella, did this problem ever get solved? I have exactly the same issue. Lucky's Tale, nothing else.
  • PatrikMcGPatrikMcG Posts: 3
    OliverMella and chunksahoy_ did this problem ever get solved? 
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