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How to move a window out of Oculus Desktop?

CarstenWilhelmsonCarstenWilhelmson Posts: 1
Hi guy,

I just received my Rift today and now I am wondering how to move a window out of Oculus Desktop to be able to pin it to Oculus Home without using the Touch Controller since I don't have one. I bet it is possible with the remote control or the Xbox Controller, but I just can't figure out how.

In this video, at around 1:04, you can see exactly what I mean:

Thanks a lot for your help,


  • Silo01Silo01 Posts: 1
    I know that post is two years old, but is there really no solution?
    I have just bought a used rift without the touch controllers and need to pin some windows to the experience to use charts in my flight simulator.
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