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[SOLVED] "Blank" keyboard - Oculus Dash

dreaterndreatern Posts: 21
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edited April 2018 in General
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What can I do to fix the Oculus Dash keyboard that appears without keys?

It worked perfectly some versions ago, absolutely nothing on the computer was changed, windows 10 resolution is the same
(1080p, display scaling 100% (recommended)).

I'm on the Public Test Channel, Oculus App Version (
The virtual keyboard opens normally but has no keys, can't be used, only the X button to close the keyboard panel.
I reinstalled the Oculus software and did not solve the problem

It worked normally in previous versions, stopped working after an update
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  • FuzzydragonFuzzydragon Posts: 11
    I have the same problem where the independent Keyboard screen is blank with an orange circle and a white "!"  in the center.
  • gamefan101gamefan101 Posts: 194
    Me too !
  • FastForward352FastForward352 Posts: 176
    I noticed that if I launch Oculus home from my desktop and then put my headset on, the keyboard screen is orange with a white "!". If Oculus home launches by itself by putting my headset on, everything is ok
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  • GeekyGamiGeekyGami Posts: 116
    So what you're  saying  is that  Oculus Dash requires Home 2.0 to have its keyboard function?
  • lenne0815lenne0815 Posts: 121
    edited May 2018
    Disable nvidia dsr ( uncheck all boxes ) and the keyboard comes back.

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