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Your thoughts on our new text input solution for VR?

tariqiscooltariqiscool Posts: 3
edited March 2018 in General

Hi y’all!

I am working on a new text input solution for VR as part of a Stanford University + Oculus project. Since you all are very active users of Oculus products, we would love to get your thoughts on the project through this 5-10 minute linked survey.

What’s the gist of the project? Pointing and clicking to input text in VR is very slow and somewhat annoying, and we’re designing an alternate solution called Scribble (see the survey for more info).

If you put in your email address, we’ll also give out $10 Amazon gift cards to random participants!


  • RoasterRoaster Posts: 1,053
    Does your text solution work with the Rift? ie not phone -based. You should specify Oculus Mobile if not.
    You do use the tag for touch controllers, so I'm hoping for something.
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  • falken76falken76 Posts: 3,025 Valuable Player
    There's a simple solution to this really.  Users of VR should go to free websites and play the games on the 2d monitor that teaches you to touch type.  This is a skill that all should have considering how prevelent computers are in our society and the main input device is keyboard and mouse.  THEN the user knows where homerow is, hell the keyboards have a dot on both letters J and F for this purpose already.  If the user can't be bothered to learn to type, then dictation is the other option, that seems to be what the cell companies are doing.  Everyone I know now talks to their phone instead of typing out the text now.

    Better yet, create a VR program that encourages people to learn to touch type.  The solution to the problem is so very easy, it just takes a little effort on the users end.
  • tariqiscooltariqiscool Posts: 3
    edited March 2018
    Thanks for the insightful responses guys.

    First, forever who filled out the survey, there seems to be some confusion. By "other ways you wish you could use your phone in VR" we mean not Gear VR but actually being able to see your phone in VR and use it as you would in real life. So, if anything, it would not work with Gear VR (if you only have one phone).

    Second, @falken76 you're absolutely right, keyboard works well. In fact, pretty soon, users won't even have to learn to touch type with things like the Logitech VR keyboard. But we are thinking about users on the go/not sitting with a keyboard. And yep, voice is the other big viable option which is why we are benchmarking against it in the survey. But it's not the most convenient/comfortable to use in all cases. People still don't seem to like talking to their phones in public :).

    @Roaster The plan is that this phone-based solution WILL work with your Rift/Go/even Gear VR, but it will use another phone, not the Touch controllers. I'll adjust some of the tags/questions that seem to be causing confusion! Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!
  • tariqiscooltariqiscool Posts: 3
    Hey guys, we finally sent out gift cards to 5 lucky winners! Thanks for all of your responses!
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