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Elite Dangerous VR crash on launch. - FIXED

bbillmaierbbillmaier Posts: 2
edited March 2018 in Games and Apps
Hi. I am trying to launch Elite Dangerous in VR. But the game crashes before the splash screen. I've had the same problem launching it using the steam, steam VR and the Oculus app. 

I am trying to run in in 64 bit. 


  • bbillmaierbbillmaier Posts: 2
    I fixed this by launching in desktop mode and setting the graphics settings to VR high.
  • ntwigbelsntwigbels Posts: 73
    Hiro Protagonist
    Thanks, you saved my day with this tip!
  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 523
    edited October 2018
    "crash on launch" : Weird, usually that's during landing that we crash, not launch :D. No later than yesterday, I almost broke a ship by landing too fast.

    ... More seriously, the graphics options are quite confusing when we don't know the game. I have it set on "low" (not "VR low") and it still works in VR, so I was wondering what was the difference. I guess it makes the difference if you buy it on Steam.
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    - Better ratio between visual quality and power needs. No more godrays and less SDE.
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  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    If you use VR you do not need the Desktop version as it is the same but adds a shortcut is all. To access the VR version it needs an email confirmation on startup so check this. Of course to make this also work in VR it too needs Headphones set to HMD. Nothing to do with those graphics settings unless you have them on too high for your system. However, the highest settings often work best as they smooth out the playback due to forcing the gpu to work harder. Plus you may actually need to Disable SW if you get judders so use a combined bind for Reset View & Set ASW OFF (CTRL & Num Pad1). HMD SS = 1.25 or higher until it stutters. Depth OFF and Blur OFF.
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    If only E:D had a game design team like X4 Foundation...
    I mean, it seriously is all so bloody obvious!!!

  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 7,017 Valuable Player
    When is X4 Foundation going to get a VR version?
  • ChazmeisterChazmeister Posts: 540
    RedRizla said:
    When is X4 Foundation going to get a VR version?

    Apparently it isn't now. They pulled the plug on VR support.
  • BuzZzKillerBuzZzKiller Posts: 2
    I had the same issue. Switching to VR High Graphics and it kept crashing. Wouldn't launch until I switched it to Windowed mode and 800X600 resolution.
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