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Unrecognized message type 78859427

camlandcamland Posts: 3
Hi guys,

I'm getting this error when trying to go online with the the VRHoops demo. Here's what the console shows. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Unrecognized message type 78859427
Oculus.Platform.Message:ParseMessageHandle(IntPtr) (at Assets/OculusPlatform/Scripts/Message.cs:539)
Oculus.Platform.Message:PopMessage() (at Assets/OculusPlatform/Scripts/Message.cs:557)
Oculus.Platform.Callback:RunCallbacks() (at Assets/OculusPlatform/Scripts/Callback.cs:49)
Oculus.Platform.Request:RunCallbacks(UInt32) (at Assets/OculusPlatform/Scripts/Request.cs:35)
Oculus.Platform.CallbackRunner:Update() (at Assets/OculusPlatform/Scripts/CallbackRunner.cs:28)


  • ahgamesahgames Posts: 2
    edited March 2018
    hi, same here in Unity. it has been so for a while now, though, but thought I might as well take a look at the issue today.

    The error occurs directly after 
    when calling Request.RunCallbacks();

    I do the above in Awake before Entitlements.IsUserEntitledToApplication() in Start is called.

    Edit: Using Oculus.Platform SDk 1.20.0 from 2017-11-08.
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