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VR Fitness Series Week 5 - Sparc

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 304

So here we are at the one month mark in our journey into the world of VR fitness and I have to say we are both impressed with our results so far. In the past 4 weeks of doing this I am happy to say I have lost 18lbs and Stacey has lost 6lbs. Honestly we couldn't have done this without all of the support and encouragement we have received from all of you out there so thank you so much for sharing in this endeavor with us!

This week we did see a small increase of 1lb each but I think that is because we both didn't eat as healthy as we had in the previous weeks. Even with that small setback, we are both feeling better and also looking better! So this week we are going to get back on that horse and really take a hard look at changing more things in our diet as well as continuing with the 30 minutes per day of working out using VR games.

The game we have chosen to play this week is Sparc. After trying it we both thought it was really fun and a few rounds in it started to get pretty intense. We also both love the fact that this is another game we can play together and get a bit competitive with. Stacey completely annihilated me in the video but I will have to work on my skills over the course of the week and avenge my brutal defeat! Thanks for watching this week and we will be back next week with our results for week 5 and will be choosing a new game to play so stay tuned!
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