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Cant reach oculus runtime service.

giodudegiodude Posts: 2
I've troubleshoot the issue in every way imaginable and I'm still receiving the error. First i wait an hour to make sure it isn't updating. When that doesn't work, i reinstall the oculus software and select repair. Usually that fixes everything, but even after that i'm still getting the error. I tried starting OVRServer_x64.exe manually, I made sure oculus runtime was set to automatic in the services menu (though it already was and stopping and starting it didn't fix anything), and i set my date back to February. None of these made any difference in the slightest, and i'm out of options. On windows 10 with an intel i5 gtx1060 3gb and 8gb of ram.


  • BadDanMEBadDanME Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    So you thought ANOTHER Topic with the same name will fix it?
  • AlanOTooleAlanOToole Posts: 119 Oculus Start Member
    Hey @giodude, this is a known issue at the time. Please try to search the forums before posting, to help cut down on duplicate posts.

    Here is some more information regarding the issue:

    Seems like we need to hang tight until Oculus can provide an official fix.

    Twitter: @Alan_OToole
  • WildtWildt Posts: 1,703 Valuable Player
    edited March 2018
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  • riseagainst64riseagainst64 Posts: 2
    Please Oculus: GET               YOUR                SHIT                   TOGETHER               !!!!!!!
  • giodudegiodude Posts: 2
    edited March 2018
    noticed right after i posted, my mistake
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